the computer age

In years past, the engineers at Metalworks always knocked me out when I could afford a recording session there. Their knowledge and talent and kindness were so impressive. Once in awhile there was a certain producer also booking time who had the charm of a modern SS officer and treated those great engineers like little slaves he was displeased with. It was hard to believe. If Trump is a type than this guy was from the same mold. Wasn’t surprised years later to read about lawsuits regarding him charging tens of thousands of dollars for bands who had nothing to show for it. A lot of producers act like they are mystical gatekeepers for making hits but that doesn’t mean they are or that they even make great music. Jamie, an ordinary singer-songwriter told me he spent close to $20,000 for a producer in the states 20 years ago. Still paying it off. Jessica had a similar story when we met. When Blue Rodeo made our first record our manager told me the producer was charging $10,000 and that was a special favour and we should feel grateful but it’s hard for anyone to feel creative if the financial weight around your neck cuts into your breathing. A truly great thing about this age of everyone having recording technology cheap is that many ideas can be tried without spending much money. People are positioned perfectly for creativity. I still love great production just hate how many stories people have about feeling the exchange was unfair.

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  1. My understanding is that there was once a time when “the producer” was needed to get onto this, which then led to that, which then hopefully made the $10,000 worth it in the end… Mind you, this guy had something contrary to say about that whole thing and it seemed to work out rather well for him:


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