(part of an email from a Thunder Bay musician last month)

Dear Bob

I’m not very good at rambling to an audience and I don’t think I ever will be. I get tongue tied. Do you have to be born good at that because I’m not never was.

Dear Cathy

Go watch comedy. Comedians have no instrument to hide behind they have to be real or they lose the crowd. Watch them fail, watch them win but watch them all alone and vulnerable and you will find your legs on stage.

It’s weird that writing a song has nothing to do with being a performer but that’s how it is. You are a performer once you try to play your song on stage and if you can’t get comfortable being yourself in front of the crowd…it’s unlikely they will care to stay quiet and consider your lyrics and music.

Comedians who are talented are good at being themselves right away and that’s what you need to do too plus it’s fun to attend comedy shows.


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  1. Enjoying this post.
    stand up comedians, eh? hmmm.
    I remember offering to MC a small portion of ArtsWells music festival in Wells B.C. one summer. I found the experience highly uncomfortable, although if i’d remembered just to be myself that might have been smoother. Who really knows though how they are going to respond to filling air-time during sound check? I ended up recounting a fairytale, which I thought was a great story, but came off awkward and in retrospect I could have been better served relating something more personal. I knocked off MC’ing from the ‘things sandra can do’ list….filing it under ‘way too hard why-put-myself-through-that-kind-of-torture’. I had no trouble with the radio interview format, classical style piano recital, or my limited theatre experiences but these were different. I remain curious about the whole thing of performing in different contexts and the be-yourself piece.


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