The Satisfying Comeback

Most shocking moment in concert was when Joan Armatrading played the Winnipeg Concert Hall circa 1977. It felt like a sold out show and she was a special rising star across North America and Europe especially after her 1976 self titled record had songs like this and guitar playing like this. I bet I am not the only person from Winnipeg who didn’t think we were worthy of having her come to town.

So there she is on stage playing with her band, we were all in Joan Armatrading heaven. Maybe 30 minutes into her show she notices an extra microphone on stage and she says “what should I do with this?” and some guy in the audience responds (loudly) “shove it up your cunt”.

That’s what we all heard.

The room was stunned.

The Winnipeg Concert Hall holds 2000 people, it sure felt like 2000 people were freaked out and speechless. What could anyone do? Joan Armatrading looked out towards where the voice was from and she started to gather herself “Why did you come here? Why did you buy a ticket?” people started to boo the guy and then she looked out again at us “Why don’t we ….beat him up? Turn the lights on!” she started to laugh, everyone else laughed along with her grateful she could turn tragedy into comedy.

The heckler left and she finished the show.








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  1. oh come on! the dude probably ( like many ) read too many Mad’s Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions. Maybe he has a form of Tourette’s.

    you must admit it was a heck of a suggestion.

    I was at a Shirley Eichhard show one time and she was introducing a song she had heard long ago and said “I’m dating myself”, whereupon I muttered to my date “…well if you are dating yourself why don’t you go and fuck yourself”.

    Unfortunately, Ms. Eikhard heard my innocent little blurt. Whoopsie! But I like Shirley Eikhardt. I just could not resist the set up…


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