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Save The Last Dance For Me

Interesting to read about (the song’s writer) Doc Pomus. At his wedding he was in a wheelchair because he had polio. He wrote this song reflectively about his bride dancing with other guests. That flies in the face of me calling this song stupid because that’s beautiful. I’m crying right now as I type.

But up until I read that every time I heard  this song I thought it was embarrassing. If sung by  a woman  it sounds like  the #1 I-have-no-self-esteem hit of all time “Please don’t fuck around on me pretty please.” And if sung by a man it was like  “You owe me some sexual exchange later because I gave you a ride to the dance.”

Fortunately there is a Korean film also called Save The Last Dance For Me and it looks like it is about a gardener business man getting his big break. Probably it is a really stupid film and therefore I was right all along about the song.



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