bruce on the street

How wrong I am most of the time about the minds of others. It’s like planning something for an audience, it might work as you imagine it but it might not work at all. That could be a good fortune cookie “usually your assumptions are incorrect”. Long ago, in the Annex in Toronto I sometimes ran into Bruce McCulloch when Kids In The Hall first were taking off. Blue Rodeo had by then got big too. I stopped him on Robert street and said “You’re in Kids In The Hall right?” He kept walking like my question didn’t mean anything “Yep, uh huh”. It was enjoyable because it wasn’t unusual then for me to also be stopped by strangers who would ask “Blue Rodeo right?” I liked that I was the Blue Rodeo guy asking the Kids In The Hall guy if he was who he was and he didn’t know me. It happened maybe 4 times. I think we both lived in the Annex. I figured eventually we might meet in some professional context and he might find it funny that I’m that weird guy who previously stopped him and I play in a band that’s a little popular. And then one year at the Junos it happened. He or KITH were doing something and he and I were introduced and started talking about music and about Blue Rodeo’s career or music and then I told him I had stopped him a few times in the Annex but was just fooling with him. He didn’t know what I was talking about nor give a shit.

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