Desperate Albanian & Crowd Funding

sam-posterI spoke with Sam in 2011 about crowd-funding to complete the record. I suggested different ideas for making funny videos and he considered it but in the long run he couldn’t bring himself to proceed. He felt too weird about asking anyone for money.

Then by chance I saw a crowd-funded campaign by a photographer Neil Muscott and I sent it to Sam to take a look at. Unknown to me Sam knew Neil and he loved reading his pitch. After he felt like he could proceed to make a campaign if it had the kind of dignity that Neil brought to his.

That was all great but unfortunately we still didn’t get around to making it before Sam was gone. I’m hoping I did this thing right by involving other friends of Sams to take a look at it before making it public.

Thought I would reprint his advice column from 1984 just for fun.


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