Popular Flaws

“I’m an NDP supporter but I’m so scared of the right wing assholes that I’m going to vote Liberal because they have a better chance of beating the right wing asshole.”

A post of Facebook earlier today went something like that.

Which flaw wins for best tragedy? The flaw that one shouldn’t vote for the person or party they believe in because it probably won’t win? Or the flaw that the Liberals aren’t also a right wing party? Or the flaw that the NDP can’t form a government?

One thought on “Popular Flaws

  1. alan zweig

    Maybe this makes me a narcissist but I think it was me whose status you are quoting. The only thing I would say is that there never really has been a political party that represented my point of view or who fought very hard for that point of view or who got very far fighting for that point of view. So I start off in a place of perpetual alienation and thus preventing a worst case scenario starts to seem like as good a choice as any.


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