Switching it up

IMG_0845Sometimes I try to spend the day left handed. This is good for a right handed piano player. Holding a pen, using a fork, drinking from a coffee cup – all like a lefty. It effects the way I feel and create later at the piano. I’m so convinced that it’s useful to be a lefty in a right hand dominated society, especially for a pianist, that I try to encourage my 2 year old daughter to be a lefty assuming you can influence these things and assuming she has any interest in being a pianist.

But the odds are more likely one’s offspring would rather take a 180˚ turn from whatever their parents do. Good luck running for the Natural Law Party kid.


  1. Jeez, is that kid ever cute. Well, I suppose you know Sam Larkin was a lefty. But pretty well the only things he did with his (dominant) left hand were writing and drawing. He didn’t play guitar left-handed, nor did he hold his fork that way. He chose that — no one tried to make him switch from one hand to the other. It is a good idea for anybody, though, to spend a day trying to do stuff with their non-dominant hand. Start ’em while they’re young!


    1. No I didn’t know he was a lefty that’s interesting. Ads to my conspiracy theory.


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