Zed Is Dead Baby

Recently I read about a company that wanted something similar to this song by Aphex Twin and they were paying about $20,000. That’s Mr. Aphex Twin below (obviously at the beach).


I tried to portray the technique of the song’s structure and not rip off it’s melody.

What I submitted.

Later they sent me a note rejecting my demo and even supplying me with a score of 1 out of 5 so that I don’t get any ideas about trying to do this sort of thing regularly.

That part of the music business world where you are asked to imitate something but not make a copyright infringement is a very interesting place. The scientist in me likes figuring out what the ingredients are,  what direction the melodies move, what rhythm is being used blah blah blah and stir.

But the criminal mobster in me wants to locate the agent who gave me the low score and, to quote a favourite moment in film, go a little Marsellus Wallace.




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