The Aha Moment

Driving a car in Winnipeg, down a back lane approaching a major street, slowly creep into the street, pedestrian is just about to cross the same intersection, they look at me and dash across making an¬†apologetic face.¬†This is the quintessential difference between Winnipeg and Toronto. In Toronto the pedestrian would look at me like I’m a total asshole and then walk slower.Pedestrian


  1. ther must be a few pegger like peeps in toronto no?


  2. As you know, I don’t drive, but I see these self-centered pedestrians you’re talking about every day. That’s why I try hard not to be like those walkers, so prevalent in Toronto, who act like they own the world. There’s such a thing as jaywalking responsibly, and I practice it. In the past, I’ve been known to lose it with jerks who bike on sidewalks (as you also know) but that’s no longer worth my time (unless they are way too close. THEN I shriek at them.) What’s more important is being courteous to others, and that definitely includes anyone driving a two-or-more-ton vehicle that can potentially take me out!


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