And Got Myself A Steady Job

bathroom window

Next month I start teaching a course at Centennial College in songwriting and part of what I am organizing is a discussion about lyrics and why somethings are interesting and somethings cliche. These days often in the back of my mind is making lists of songs to detail style, structure, lyrics, rhythm etc. ¬†Predictable lyrics disappoint me. When we consume so many songs it is an extra thrill when a song has cohesion to it’s story but surprises us with the way it unfolds.

So I was driving and on the radio came side two of Abbey Road and coincidentally the best speakers currently in my life happen to be in my car and it’s alwatys a thrill to hear the 2cnd half of the Beatles catalogue loudly so I complied and soon realized my absolute most favourite moment lyrically is when McCartney adds “And so I quit the police department.” What a beautiful fulfilling rush.


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