Message From Bodhisattva


While babysitting went to a yoga store to buy a special back massaging gizmo for my poor sore back and at the front of the store there we saw a small statue of the Buddah in the lotus position with one arm horizontal and the other vertical with the palm open. My daughter walked up to it and said,

“Watzis Bob?”

“That’s the Buddah.”

“Whattsa Buddah doin’?”

“He’s meditating.”

“Buddah’s  Hi Five.”


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  1. Hi Bob.. Im in Toronto room hunting & staying at Friendship Hosue for a couple more days..Im hear to offer great glad tidings & support in some new deliveries that could help heal,.. Iam putting out a call to some for a sofa evening or two to support my successful home search ..anhai


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