Wasn’t Chris Isaak in Blue Rodeo?

Just finished excellent show in Fernie at an art gallery called ClawHammer where the owner mike, made beautiful letterpress poster and Troy the lynch pin made shit happen. Great crowd a pleasure to meet them and play for them. Now stopping in Nanton for email and chai, seniors sitting around drinking coffee while really bad easy listening music plays too loudly from speakers. chris isaak’s hit from 20 years ago filters in and the seniors start to argue if it is a blue rodeo song. funny that i am sitting here and could tell them not only the answer but why i have unique authority, but of course they would just conclude i am a psych patient. finally i can’t help myself while they are arguing about it and i interrupt and assure them it isn’t blue rodeo it is chris isaak. they smile at me and say but wasn’t he in blue rodeo? i say no he is a california based guy. they say well it sure sounds like blue rodeo. i agree with them.