Far East Oscillator Man


I can have fun with electronic instruments, synthesizers can be exciting still I understood the dismissive remarks Keith Jarrett made years ago. He said when he hears them it’s like a smoker is in the room.


40 years of listening to Here Comes The Sun and I just realized there’s a synthesizer blaring throughout the 2nd half that doesn’t make me think there’s a smoker in the room.

I love George like an old friend.





  1. As a kid, I was a big McCartney fan, and Lennon was a second. Now that I’m older than Lennon was when he died, I don’t think I’d ever want to go near the two of them as people. I’ve realised over the past few years that it’s Harrison I would have liked to know. He and Ringo seem like much warmer, nicer people, and I’ve grown to love Harrison’s solo music the most. I’ve read that his disappointments in life made him bitter at times, but he always seems like a genuinely sweet person when I see him in interviews he gave. I think there’s been a real surge of appreciation for him and his work since his death, and I’d like to think he went to his grave with some sense of what was going to happen. If that mattered at all to him.


    1. I hope one day to get someone I produce to cover “That Is All” from Living in A Material World.


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