Mary McCartney & The Pineapple Heart

I guess growing up in Winnipeg’s Jewish community where I didn’t know any Gentile kids until I went to public school at 13, explains why when I heard Let It Be I thought it was nice of Paul to mention his mother (Mary) in the lyrics. What a nice thing to do I thought. **



I never understood what Savoy Truffle was about but then along came the internet – it’s for Eric Clapton the lyrics are the contents of a box of chocolates; Eric had a sweet tooth.

But maybe Ella Fitzgerald could have been given better advice about what to record to get the kids interested in her. It just doesn’t sound right to me.

** wow people wrote me already to say Mary was in fact a reference to his mother and I just read the wiki. Ok so my 13 yr. old self had it right….but you know most people probably understood it differently.

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