Game Theory

Recently I had a dream where there was a cougar walking around, on some rocks and into a cave. I sorta knew the cougar and felt comfortable around her. Suddenly she looked larger than I previously sensed and soon this was a new cougar really powerful and strong and then there was a third one and then there were a half dozen bunch cubs. Sensed I was in danger, if I slowly walked away I might be seen as a threat to the cougar mother and father who were strangers to me and if I stayed I also might be seen as worth killing.

Earlier in my wakeful state I had to sort legal problems, it was emotional and frustrating. Felt pressure to keep my emotions in check and retain the bigger picture but I sure would enjoy telling assholes they are assholes even if it creates bigger problems. I wonder if my mind was reflecting those same events in a dream Рwhat would Kalinda do?


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