grover washington jr. not coming to Winnipeg

Got into a heated discussion with someone over discrimination and appropriation. Yelling your view back and forth won’t do nearly as much as trying to position people to experience a different reality. Bet that might be another pay off from the virtual reality games coming down the pipeline.┬áMy brother Howie studied film at the University of Southern California in the 70s and my dad took me along on a business trip to visit him when I was fourteen. Howie took me to see Grover Washington Jr at the Santa Monica Civic Centre, that was unreal because I had the record Mr. Magic and there was no way this could ever happen in Winnipeg but unreal in another way. Seemed like everyone except us was Black, I bet 400 people. I couldn’t get it out of my head after how my high school had maybe 500 kids but hardly any weren’t White and realize the strangeness of my experience was their everyday experience.



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