Christie Blatchford Makes It Easy

laura robinson

This lawsuit regarding John Furlong and Laura Robinson might to some people be confusing –  who is telling the truth and who is a liar. But there are two perfect reasons why I believe Laura Robinson.

1/ This Canadaland episode


2/ This sympathetic article by Christie Blatchford. blatch (photo used by permission)

Kind of a no brainer if Christie feels sorry for someone….you know what I mean?

(a short list of who she feels sorry for)

The white guy in Caledonia protesting natives (who were protesting illegal building on their land).

The great cops who didn’t get to keep carding.

The people of Canada who mourned Jack Layton.

and now she feels sorry for John Furlong, poor guy only 45  (that’s 45) first nations people experiencing or witnessing abuse by John Furlong.

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