String Survey


I started writing a string quartet in April, now there’s 4 of of them bugging me to complete them and set them free.

I haven’t a clue how long they should be and there’s a bunch of string techniques I am also clueless about. If you care to listen and give me feedback I would appreciate it.

These are in the order I wrote them.


  1. I like the second one best. Its a great combo and I don’t get distracted, I can hear all the instruments as one.


    1. I also like the second composition. I connected emotionally to the music and it sparked my imagination — animals waking up to the sounds of an approaching tropical rain shower. finish it already! ☀️


  2. The 1st is my favorite because it sounds suspenseful. All are beautiful but that one’s my favorite. Sounds like a great Hitchcockian movie- score.


  3. I love the plucking in number 2. Number 1 at times reminds me of a fancy dinner song. Number 3 also reminds me of a suspenseful Hitchcock flick…probably the psycho sounding strings. Number 4 also reminds me of music you’d hear in a suspense/thriller movie. I think number 2 is my favourite…love a good pluck! Happy birthday to you.


  4. The 3rd one. I imagine almost a whole minute as solo accordion, then the string quartet comes in. The 4th piece is my second fave.


  5. They were all fabulous and dramatic. Since I have to choose, I enjoyed the second one the best:) I connected most to this beautiful piece. It was multi-dimensional and flowed together with some rawness or earthiness.


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