The Rubber Necker, Bach and Mozetich

Sometimes driving and listening to the radio I have heard things which caused my brain to explode and had to pull over for everyone’s safety. It happened one time with Bach – I heard it! What previously I took for modern was made completely teensy weensy because he was improvising with four voices and remaining melodic and that was 350 years ago.


It happened another time with the Danielson Family. I couldn’t figure out how the main singer, Daniel, did with his voice what he was doing. As it turns out that is just how he naturally sings – all elements together made for a car accident if I didn’t pull over and quietly enjoy this masterpiece.


And then last week – poof – this came on. I tracked down Julie Nesrallah and she completely understood my problem.


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  1. I had the exact same experience with Marjan Mozetich when I first heard.
    Had to pull over and just listen.
    A Canadian composer who was writing straight from the heart – completely unheard of!
    Potent combination of extreme minimalism and romanticism (in retrospect verging on sentimentality, but I’m getting that way in my dotage).

    I used to work at the Canadian Music Centre and Marjan woud come by form time to time. Super sweet and humble guy.


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