Named by Hendrix

When you’re a kid the record collection of older siblings are gateways to other worlds and or me – Spirit featuring Ed Cassidy and Randy California was a special prize. I don’t know why my older brother had it but the weird album artwork got into my head and I often wondered who they were and why I didn’t hear about them through the usual channels.

Let me take you, baby, down to the river bed                                                                      Got to tell you somethin’, go right to your head,                                                                      I got a line, I got a line on you, babe                                                                                         Gotta put your arms around me                                                                                         with every bit of your love If you know what to do                                                                I’ll make love to you                                                                                                                 We got the right line to make it through these times                                                                I got a line, I got a line on you, babe                                                                                    Now listen, our winter’s almost over                                                                                    This summer, she’s comin’ on strong I can love you, love you, love you                          Love you all year long I,                                                                                                                    I got a line, I got a line on you, babe

The more I read about them the more there’s too much that’s amazing. First of all Randy California played with Jimi Hendrix in a band with another guy named Randy so Hendrix called one Randy Texas and the other Randy California. Love that.

2cnd this

3rd this and fresh garbage

and he died saving his son’s life, and they had an amazing concept album, and Led Zeppelin stole Stairway to Heaven from their song Taurus.

Veyzmere – the old folks would say.


Also among my fave moments in Coen brothers films was hearing them use I Got A Line On You in An Ordinary Man only as surreal as a rabbi quoting Jefferson Airplane.






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