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Jian Ghomeshi circa 1990 Campaigning York Student Federation President CREDIT: no credit
Jian Ghomeshi circa 1990

The bad news is I came home tonight to find the furnace kaput, and it’s freezing.

The good news is 2 weeks ago I bought an insurance policy specifically for any furnace problems for $20 a month.

The bad news is they have a zillion other clients with busted furnaces and can’t come until tomorrow night.

The good news we have a wall mount a/c unit that also can heat.

The bad news one of the pipes is frozen.

The good news it happened last year and repaired itself 3 hours after I turned on the tap allowing warmer air to travel to the blockage.

The bad news is that doesn’t mean it will necessarily repair itself again and maybe if I go to sleep now the pipe will burst.

The good news is they say Jian Ghomeshi spent $500,000 on his lawyer and has been without employment long enough to be miserable about his current and future losses.


Update:  faucet thawed and pipe no longer frozen. 


  1. Hahahahahahahahaa…. that great news !!!!!…. And spring will come…. maybe not tomorrow… maybe not the next day….. but sooner that it takes whatshisname to make up 500.000 dollars.


  2. I’m sure he’ll recoup all of it from the profits of his new movie “Djangomeshi Unchained”. 😄


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