Always A Fighter

>June Mitchell via 

>I just heard Giulietta masina at the oscars crying. Sounding great.
>Are you working on any new songs?
>I thought you might be interested in SoundBetter.
>It’s a site with professional Pop producers, mixing engineers and singers for hire.
>Let me know what you think!

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Hi June.

Thanks for the awesome tip. I am working on a new song, thanks. This one isn’t yet finished.

Let me know what you think!



Here at the factory of spam

Sometimes I sign as female sometimes I’m a man

Some compare me to a cancerous weed

Hope this month my next quota will succeed

It doesn’t hurt when they compare me to bacteria

Glad I witched from being a prince from Nigeria

One of these years I might leave this cubicle

Buy myself an ice cream truck and write musicals

Would like to retire as a Broadway star

Buy a new condo and a little sports car

I’ll pen my memoir “Always A Fighter”

After I find an appropriate ghost writer





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