Death by listening.

This interview slayed me.




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  1. It’s amazing that you don’t have 100K people “liking” every step you take: every meal you eat: every thought you have. The average person will always be average, but I’ll never forget the show at Bumper’s, where you had 200 “hipsters” (before everyone else knew how to dress like them), eating-out of your hand, joining together to sing the chorus to one of your beautiful songs.

    I watched the Bacharach interview for the first three minutes, until the interviewer interrupted Burt mid-thought (he was about to explain why learning musical-notation was important, for songwriters to learn). That just pissed me off, so I stopped. Sorry. A shitty interviewer can ruin the chance of us getting to know a brilliant person. I find this clash between artist and artist-documenter happens, often.

    Well wishes.


    1. I can understand getting miffed and turning it off. I have similar reactions sometimes but it was enjoyable that Burt Bacharach chose not to get mightier-than-thou on the interviewer and continued to reveal interesting things about his process. Glad you liked that Bumpers show, I think the audience sung along to We Got Time right?


  2. Extraordinary interview. Thank you.
    Not long ago I drove back from cottage country listening to two hours of classic Bacharach hits. Unusual setting for his music, but great melodies work anywhere, the more surprising the better.


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