Should Have Been

There was a band in the 80s with one of the dumbest names I ever heard. They were called Itsa Skitsa. I wouldn’t be bothered to check out band with such a dumb name but one day I ended up at the El Mocambo and Itsa Skits was playing and they killed me¬†especially the bass player who was formerly in The Demics .

I was thinking about that while listening to certain songs that have everything going for them yet never got to the bigger places they deserved. Like Wah Wah by George Harrison. Brilliant  guitar line.

George had great song instincts…how couldn’t he being the younger brother of those other guys. Also thought this song was destined for greatness but seems I was wrong.


Now I’m on a roll. A quick list of songs I thought should have been mega more enormous.

I Never Said by Liz Phair

Speak To Me by Jackie Lomax

Sorry Son by Jamie Ward

Johannesburg by Gil Scott Heron

Going Home by Dory Previn

Love And Affection by Joan Armatrading

All The Diamonds by Bruce Cockburn

Come Tomorrow by Patti Scialfa

Here Comes Your Man by The Pixies




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