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I attended a Toronto film party and gabbed with people about what their doing and what I’m doing, gave out business cards, mine feature the Warner Brothers logo reversed. Sometimes these conversations turn into little light bulbs going off and more jobs – sometimes even stimulating cool work. As a working artist hustling is part of my personality, my default position but the music students don’t seem to get it. Maybe one can’t appreciate that until enduring longer durations of brokenness.
I’ve known many artists who are better musicians than me who struggle with capitalism and don’t have the personality to attend parties like this and shake hands with people and talk about nothing and practise looking interested.
Played Poland in 1994 soon after it was no longer behind the Iron Curtain and when I got to Krakow I stayed with a couple who previously ran an art school. I asked the guy, who spoke more English than his partner how life was different between then and now. He said before, each school year, the state provided him with all the papers, pencils and supplies for his students. Now he doesn’t know whether they will manage month to month. He was being objective and it was the first time I discussed the inner workings of non capitalistic structures with someone who lived in them. I was a little astonished imagining being supported with supplies to accommodate the interested students. Makes me think about the people I’ve seen in the gutter who would be included for their artistic interests instead of whether they had the do re mi.

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