Eddie Harsch & The Soundwaves

One night 6 or 7 years ago there was a blackout in our neighbourhood. We went for a walk in the blackness and enjoyable electricity-less sky. At the bottom of the hill we stopped before a house where there was some slow piano music heard.  Never saw the pianist but could identify with their decision that the black out was a good moment to play.

I was sort of expecting them to reveal themselves and maybe I would play too and we’d make friends down the street. We sat down on the curb listening. In my imagination the pianist was an old woman playing pieces based on long ago memories. We walked home.

A few years later I fell into a conversation with an older woman outside the very house and I took a guess she was the pianist. I told her about there time I heard the piano during the blackout – was it her? That was my son, he is ill but he used to be in a big rock band.

I thought on my street there was only room for one ex member of a big rock band. Which band I asked?  The Black Crowes she answered.



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