meeting of the creatives

(1st mtg)
director: so glad to meet you and let me say this – i love your music.
composer: thanks nice to meet you too.
director: i have all your records. i would love to have you do the music for this film.
composer: wow.
director: want you to do whatever naturally comes to you.
composer: seriously?
director: it needs a certain type of musician.
composer: i have some ideas.
director: can’t wait, you da man.
(next mtg)
composer: what did you think of the music i sent in yesterday?
director: we need to talk.
composer: sure.
director : here’s the thing, I don’t think this direction you are going in is right for this particular film in this particular instance.
composer: at this particular time.
director: exactly!
composer: forget the classical stuff.
director: forget the bassoon or oboe whatever that was
composer: I can try other things. no sweat.
director: you know I really like what you do.
composer: you have all my records.
director: you da man.
composer: hi.
director: we need to talk.
composer: ok.
director: how is it coming?
composer: pretty good i’ll have something for you to hear by the end of tomorrow.
director: awesome. do you think you could listen to this (hands him radiohead cd).
composer: you want something that sounds like this instead?
director: (proudly) i want something that sounds like you sounding like this!
composer: i’ll try but you know it isn’t what i do or what i hear in this film.
director: here’s the thing when we made a rough cut we used this and we love with it.
composer: so why didn’t you use that?
director: do you know how much that costs?!
composer: too much.
director: you da man.
director: have you seen this on youtube? can you sound like that too? isn’t it awesome?
composer: it’s a drum machine and a choir from estonia not really like radiohead or me but if you want-
director: i want!
composer: ok
director: you da man.
composer: did you check out the new music?
director: (smirking) we got it.
composer: you liked it?
director: my daughter saw the first thing you did and she and her boyfriend loved it and when i played them the radiohead estonian choir drum machine thing they said it wasn’t as good as the first thing. was that a bassoon or oboe i fucking love it.
composer: your the man.

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