Chubby Checker

There is an idea out there in the world that when recording you should forget about the fact that you are being recorded. That to get the real you you need to fool yourself…something like that.
When you weren’t being recorded you did something brilliant so now with a microphone you try to do it again but it didn’t happen, remained illusive. You think if only it had been recorded the first time…because the first time you did something special but now that you are trying to capture the something special it isn’t happening – must be because the presence of the microphone throws you …or so goes the usual wisdom.
What if altering ones performance is a good thing? What if knowing you are being recorded and knowing you are inclined to perform differently because the lights are on people are watching yada yada was an advantage, was something to use creatively? Instead of planning to pretend you aren’t aware  (when you actually are) you planned to take the altered state and enjoy it for the purposes of making a recording – enter into it knowing it can’t be what you had without a microphone. Maybe that’s the way to fool oneself?
Probably not.

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