The Grant pt 2

“I think it could have been recorded differently” says Engineer
“This grant is just to get money to record it properly right?” says Composer #1
“But even for a demo I would use a different set up. You hear how tinny the upper register is and brittle the percussion was? Sucks.” complains Engineer
“Excuse me this is for the $20,000 grant right?” Composer #2
“Yes” answers Seasoned Staff who’s simultaneously texting someone about a party tonight.
“Well,” continues Composer #2, “I wanted to apply for this category last year but they said I couldn’t because it wasn’t written 100% by Canadians but neither is this one! It says they wrote it with Sven Puteånfjord in Scandinavia that’s not fair!”
“For the record, I would not vote to approve this. They should know how to record properly.” adds Engineer.
“I’m confused” says Composer#1 looking at seasoned staff person for direction but they’re off in text-land.
“They played last winter at a benefit for the Church of the Holy Trinity” says the Editor “we were suppose to interview Albert Schmegelski the first violinist and he never showed up. Some excuse about his cousin and chemo therapy….basically wasted our time.. just saying they’re not the most professional people.”
Seasoned Staff Person: So we’ll pass on this one and move on? Everyone good?
Everyone nods they’re good.

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