Set List

Singer: Let’s start with Mona people get into it off the top.
Drummer: Mona’s too fast to start with we need to build.
Bassist: Tomorrow We Hide would be good first then the Instrumental then Mona that’s hard to resist.
Singer: I don’t want the Instrumental until after Midnight Toker because I need to relax my voice after screaming ok?
Bassist: Ok.
Drummer: Then we’ll put Midnight Toker in the middle and the Instrumental after that. Tomorrow We Hide off the top and then Don’t Blame Her 2nd – everybody cool?
Bassist: That’s all right.
Keyboardist: Why not start with Ploughed Under and then Don’t Blame Her, then Tomorrow We Hide and then Midnight Toker and then the Instrumental that way there won’t be 3 keyboard solos in a row.
Singer: Three in a row?
Keyboardist: Yep.
Singer: That’s stupid.
Drummer: But the pacing of Ploughed Under before Don’t Blame Her is too wishy washy we’ll lose the crowd.
Singer: Right.
Guitarist: Why don’t we cut up the song titles and throw them in a hat and then whatever order we pick ’em out is the order we play them?
Everyone stares silently at guitarist.
Singer: If you’re not going to help us make a decent sequence don’t say anything at all.
Everyone: Right.

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