3 songs

  • Teacher: Try to figure out why these three songs are grouped together?
    (Teacher projects lyrics onto projection screen & plays songs)
    • Pusher Man by Curtis Mayfield,
    • Free Man In Paris by Joni Mitchell
    • Lonely At The Top by Randy Newman
    Student 1: They’re in the same key?
    Teacher: Nope.
    Student 2: They’re all about people on drugs.
    Teacher: How did you get that?
    Student 2: Just a wild guess.
    Teacher: Listen a little harder please and tell me what’s similar?
    Student 3: They happen in different cities.
    Teacher: Maybe … but still not what I was trying to point you to hear in this course. It’s about songwriting remember?
    Student 4: The songwriter isn’t the actual person telling the story.
    Teacher: Then what are they
    Teacher: Right. They’re someone else.
    Student 5: Why do that?
    Teacher: Because you can do anything you want in a song. Because it allows you to say something in a different way than if you are saying it as yourself. Because maybe they’re bored with the usual ways they write? Let’s make an assignment – write something from a character’s point of view.
    Student 6: That’s too hard.
    Teacher: That’s too hard?
    Student 6: I always write from my point of view.
    Teacher: Then that’s a reason to try this.
    Student 6: I only know myself.
    Teacher: Take someone else you know. You think I’m unfair sometimes right?
    Student 6: You’re always unfair.
    Teacher: Thanks, okay write a song as though you’re me being the unfair person I am.
    Student 6: Do I get a bad mark if I make you look bad?
    (insert Planet of the Apes soundtrack while teacher ponders answer)

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