What The Students Hear

There’s a million people trying to fit through a small opening, that’s how it is. If you still want to try and fit through that small opening be my guest, I don’t think you shouldn’t try, but beware the odds.

Forget about making cds or records, for now it’s over. People get it online. If you must just do 50 at a time.

The nature of networking isn’t to send cold call messages on Linkedin or Facebook but to actually work with people. You will be surprised where they end up in 5 years or 10 years and knowing them earlier might later pay unexpected dividends.

Say yes to every request of your musicianship if you can find a way to afford the trouble of doing it. (unless it’s Ken Finkleman)

Make videos for as many songs as possible. Youtube is the radio.

Every city has a college/ community radio station you can liaise with to promote your show. Don’t worry about playing the entire country unless other people are putting up the money.  Focus on playing Southern Ontario (and Montreal)  if you are staying in Canada. Keep your job and try to play in all those cities on weekends.

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