as it never happened

I had an idea for a CBC program and pitched it.
My idea was to comb through their 70 year audio archives and create conversations between people who are dead with people who are alive – as if they are in the same room. This would be easy for 3 or 4 of us nutty audio people cutting and pasting.
Title of show- As It Never Happened
When I explained it to ordinary people they laughed, got excited. When I tried to pitch it (on 3 occasions) to folks in charge of new projects they looked at me as though I hadn’t said anything.
This was before the show “rewind” emerged on CBC which spoke a bit to what interested me, exploring the archives, but I was more interested in unexpected juxtapositions. It might have even facilitated an interactive experience, online contests for people to make their own mashups. If nothing else rediscover their own history as recorded by CBC.
I still believe in it.

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