Open Stage pt2. Oz

student: You like not knowing?

teacher: I’m usually wrong about what’s going to happen next and I like that.

student: Why?

teacher: Keep the assumptions in check.

student: Which assumptions?

teacher: When someone takes the stage one gets a sense that they might be this way or that way and many times these assumptions are wrong. That’s the best part of an open stage. No – I take that back – the best part is when I think someone is something I’ve seen a million times before but they turn out to be so original I’m destroyed.

student: I think it’s about entertainment.

teacher: So does Nancy White.

student: Who’s that?

teacher: You would have to be up on my most recent Facebook posts to understand.

student: I’m not on Facebook.

teacher: Obviously.

student: So you don’t think performing is entertainment?

teacher: Entertainment is part of it but the artists I like the most aren’t primarily entertainment.

student: What are they?

teacher: Dangerous.

student: What’s that mean?

teacher: They’re not entertainers. They take the stage and pretty soon we’re not in Kansas anymore.


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