Not My Cup Of Tea

Criticsm hurts but so does bullshitting. Maybe lying is a better way to move through it?
When I asked our new American manager what he thought of my first record, sung in an unpleasant voice about the gassing deaths of people in Bhopal, the French secret service assassination of an environmental activist in Auckland and the exploitation of indigenous people in Chile – he answered
“Nice real nice.”
Around that same time many people gave me their music and wanted to know what I thought of it. I try to listen to everything I get because I love music that knocks me out plus I love producing people who knock me out but truth is most things I get didn’t knock me out. More often than not when someone wanted my response and if I didn’t like it, I would say it
“Wasn’t my cup of tea”. A neutral way of saying no thanks, I wasn’t get into it. Didn’t want to look people in the eye knowing they sincerely wanted my opinion and say
“Nice, real nice.”
Sometimes I meet those people years later and they say you despised my work, you hated my work, you thought I was shit.  I said “It isn’t my cup of tea” so many times, it’s my go to response. I never say I despise your work, I hate your work, I think you are shit. Ok if Bryan Adams wants to know but he’s never called.

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