There was a lawyer I worked with when I was in my 20s when many people called me Bobby. Hearing someone I didn’t like call me that sounded too intimate. I didn’t see us as friends and I didn’t like the implication by virtue of this sound that we were close, at least in his mind. I decided from then on when people meet me I’ll introduce myself as Bob, it made me feel like I had a buffer. When people today call me Bobby it means either I knew them a long time ago or it means they are friends with someone who knew me a very long time ago otherwise it’s a dead giveaway they don’t know me.

One time we played north in Frobisher Bay. Pretty small place. Someone approached us and offered to take us to see the countryside like as if Frobisher Bay was a big City and maybe we want to have a break from those 12 cars “downtown” at rush hour. We agreed and he flew a single engine airplane a few kilometres away landing on a frozen lake within the frozen north. We got out and walked in different directions (not making a metaphor). Immediately smacked with unknown silence. In fact now the secret was out, all we previously took for silence wasn’t. Haven’t heard it since.
Sometimes people who are getting to know me develop a special tone of voice and pose to me a special question. Sounds nonchalant, just this very second it occurred to them for the first time. It’s like a cross between the tone to bring up assisted suicide with a dying friend and the tone of kids going door to sell chocolates raising money for their sports team. It goes
“Can I ask you a question?”
I’m a musician. I have a good ear. I recognize unique sounds, this has happened 96,082 times before. I count to three and by two they go “Why did you leave Blue Rodeo?”

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