Touring Italy 2009 pt. 1

Touring Italy (pt.1)
I am very pleased with my situation now as I sit upstairs from the “video-bar” owned by generous Natalino – my brother.
“Buono sera my brudder” he said for good night.
Centobuchi, the city of Natalino’s video-bar, is east of Rome and the coolest show of the tour. Better still the next day will be our day off here. We arrived around 8:30 to a full house, kind of an odd piece of theatre to set up the show in front of the crowd. A scrunched tiny space that doesn’t accommodate my video screen but we make makeshift solutions.
Coolest part is the French guy asking if I parlez-vous and realizing I can communicate more things in French than in Italian and successfully inform him about the lights, about being vegetarian and about the draft from the door. He’s on the case.
The audience freaks out, the Italian subtitles are working, they laugh they cry. I do 2 encores – we’re definitely not in Hamilton. When it is over and I’m packing up some people buy cds each asks same question – “weach juan ease bitter?” Natalino waits patiently to ask. “Can I ug you Bob?” Sure you can hug me Natalino…brudder.

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