one less bridge

Got a call from a Canadian music magazine some years ago asking me to review a product – a Leslie amplifier simulator. They didn’t pay musicians for these requests.
They subscribed to a line of thought that people who add to a corporation’s profit by providing creative content should feel good getting free publicity. The fact that the owner gets free publicity plus earns revenue from selling that creative content isn’t part of their explanation for why contributors should be satisfied only with publicity.
I had plans for promoting my record production work so I asked him how about I run a classified ad for some weeks in exchange for my review? He said they don’t usually do that. I said ok see you later. He called back and said they would make an exception. I checked out the Leslie simulator. I didn’t like it. I wrote a review about how inadequate it was.
You would think I stabbed someone from behind if you heard his voice after he read my review.
“Don’t you understand the inventor of this pedal is an advertiser?” He said as though I was hard of hearing.
“Didn’t you want me to write a review of my experience?”
“Yes I did but wasn’t there anything positive?”
“If you think something something sounding like a chorus pedal is a Leslie than that’s positive I guess but if someone hoped it would sound like a Leslie then I have to say it doesn’t.”
“Well we can’t use this”. He said as though I should feel bad about this situation. I didn’t.

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