lie in print

Some people get upset about critics and call them unintelligent or immature. Some even write letters complaining. Good luck whoever expects that will lead to new enlightened or insightful critics reflecting your opinion – which is probably the real story because the distance between our opinion and theirs is the same as the amount of hostility we feel when we don’t like them.
I think making up stuff is the best way to enjoy the situation and keep a little dignity because often they will misquote you or a later editor will rearrange things for their purposes and taken out of context your responses will look foolish. My favourite thing in interviews, lying. In fact regularly things are printed in a way that comes out as lies so why not alter the machine and intentionally insert some, might come out a little more truthful. Just a few lies and maybe one or two doozies (yes I’m working with Francis Ford Copolla next month) and then enjoy the final result and probably everything will be right with the world.
Because the real story isn’t the talk about your favourite movie or what you ate of breakfast when you wrote that song. It’s the music itself which stands on it’s own or not.
John S. Hall summed it up more perfectly when he fronted King Missile.
Take stuff from work.
It’s the best way to feel better about your job.
Never buy pens or pencils or paper.
Take ’em from work.
Rubber bands, paper clips, memo pads, folders-take ’em from work.
It’s the best way to feel better about your low pay and appalling working conditions.
Take an ashtray-they got plenty.
Take coat hangers.
Take a, take a trash can.
Why buy a file cabinet?
Why buy a phone?
Why buy a personal computer or word processor?
Take ’em from work.
I took a whole desk from the last place I worked.
They never noticed and it looks great in my apartment.
Take an electric pencil sharpener.
Take a case of white-out; you might need it one day.
Take some from work
It’s your duty as an oppressed worker to steal from your exploiters.
It’s gonna be an outstanding day.
Take stuff from work.
And goof off on the company time.
I wrote this at work.
They’re paying me to write about stuff I steal from them.
Life is good.

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