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student: Why the low mark?
teacher: It didn’t rhyme.
student: She’s my only Mom, known her all my life, we were young and had to run, known her all my life.
teacher: What’s your point?
student: It rhymes.
teacher: In which universe?
student: (sings) Mom (pause) Ron.
teacher: You’re using the word “run” as in jogging, moving through space fast. Ron isn’t run. You don’t Ron from something you run from something. You had to run you didn’t have to Ron.
student: That’s how I speak.
teacher: You really say ron instead of run?
student: (nods head affirmatively)
teacher: Hmmm, even if that’s truly how you talk, “mom” and “ron” are not truly a rhyme. You understand? For our purposes let’s achieve simple clear unchallengeable rhymes before we push the envelope ok?
student: Ok, I’ll make it …more clear.
teacher: Exactly thanks.
student: Rate on.
teacher: Seriously?
student: What?

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