mind reading, not

I would love to play a gesture for 10 or 15 minutes at the start of performance and let waves of repetition wash over the ears of everyone. The purpose would be to listen to what emerges within the repeating sound whether overtones or something else but there is something else to hear when you consider something looped over long time. When you continue to keep your attention on the sound within the sound little extra bits present themselves, not everyone hears it.

I don’t think minute #1 would be a stretch but by the end of minute#2 or #3 I bet there would be a feeling in the audience like, ok you did that, ok do something else, ok we get it, ok you’re boring. And if that wasn’t actually happening for them it definitely would be happening inside my mind, the mind that’s suppose to be playing and listening to the piano. How does that happen? Maybe I’m right maybe I’m not. My assumptions won’t be right but that won’t stop me from getting sidetracked with distracting thoughts.


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