One day as a teen put paper over the piano strings, sounded awesome. Couple seconds later mother freaked demanded it stops, piano will be wrecked. After that if parents went out of town it meant new chance to stick things between the strings. Many subsequent concerts with string alterations to imaginary audiences gathered on the living room couch. Bowing at the end. Beautiful shock arriving at Toronto music school discovering history of people preparing/ altering instruments. One night accidentally heard live album of Cecil Taylor. Applause at the end. Started to tremble like all your life knowing French but never did an actual person dit bonjour. There was a place found improvising. Made more special with lights turned out. Simply to make it all up. All I’ve ever wanted to achieve. Developing a way to locate that space where one returns to creating music that’s unplanned and tries to sustain the unknown. Where the more easily it can be repeated the less useful it is. That’s still the target, doesn’t matter now if the lights are on.

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