the other view

Was in a traffic jam on Parkside Blvd adjacent to Toronto’s largest park, High Park, maybe similar in size to New York’s Central Park. And there at 10:30 am standing on the grass was a 70 something older woman in orange blouse, blue pants, white leather purse and a sign shaped like a ping pong racket but 3 times larger. Slowly made out the text she was bobbing up and down showing motorists. “Don’t Give Up”
What a mysterious radical woman. Seemed like there was no other purpose then stating “Don’t give up”. She looked more reminiscent of someone getting picked up at the airport but I concluded she just wanted to share something philosophical. How cool is she I thought. And which thing specifically was she targeting with “Dont give up”? Maybe the soul crushing reality that Trump became America’s president or maybe the environmental degradation severely threatening life or did she mean Human Rights? So many worthy things so little time. Don’t give up!
Then the the other side of the sign became visible – JW.ORG
Took me a second to see more clearly.
Now I get it – this wasn’t about radical consciousness, she’s trying to secure her eligibility for eternal real estate after she is dead, felt like a stranger sneezed on me.
Reminds me of Amanda Palmer’s Kickstarter raising over a million dollars (radical) but thinking it cool to expect local musicians to join her on tour for free or actually free merch and beer (not so radical).

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