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20 musical flashes in Toronto each time I pass by.
1/ St. Clair and Yonge, where Glen Gould lived on the north side and the Frans across the street that he must have gone to.
2/ The Paved paradise of Yorkville and reading that Carole Pope had a job as a youth colouring Rocket Robinhood panels somewhere around there.
3/ The [murmur] project in the Kensington Market where people listen to historic tales on lamp posts.
4/ Live Peace in Toronto at Varsity Stadium, one stands in the spot and thinks about Little Richard’s surreal performance that day (on youtube now).
5/ Sherborne & Parliament, Georges Spaghetti house, seeing Moe Kaufman as a teenager with my dad.
6/ The various Music Gallery’s various locations, McCaul, Dovercourt, Richmond & St. George The Martyr.
7/ Isabella street for the Neil Young reference in Ambulance Blues
8/ Bathurst and Queen, the Holiday Tavern was my favourite place to play in the 80s and somewhere near that intersection Feist and Peaches shared an apartment.
9/ The Streetbrothers recording studio by Park Lawn Rd. where while producing Andrew Cash my van was smashed in, all my stuff stolen. Once asked John why that name, he answered “because it’s for guys (soft back slap) like you and me, street brothers “.
10/ The Parasol Centre on Jarvis where Freddie Stone established a unique musical destination.
11/ 427 Bloor, Trinity ST. Paul’s where Greenpeace was downstairs and I had keys to the building and regularly played the 9 ft. steinway all night long with various free improv friends like Mark Hundevad and Wayne Cass to Anne Bourne and Step Raptis.
12/ 300 Bloor west, Bloor United Church, which housed the Fat Albert’s open stage on Wednesday nights where I learned craft with song friends from Kyp Harness, Tom St. Louis and Diane Barbarash to outsider performers like Anhai and Sahara Spracklin.
13/ The old CBC building that is now a Staples at Summerhill and Yonge where Glen Gould had an office. I see his ghost behind the poster for whats on sale.
14/ The old McLear recording space previously RCA previously CHUM where Blue Rodeo recorded in ’86, large enough for orchestra and a zillion U87s and heavy duty mic stands on rollers, where Tom Cochrane made a mess overflowing the coffee machine pouring too much water into it, I helped him clean it up and where we later got the news Ned overdosed.
15/ Upstairs on Queen street near Peter where the illegal after hours club The Paper Door was in full swing when as a teen I visited and jammed with real Torontonians.
16/ The amazing green house on Huron where Mary Margaret lived.
17/ The rotating Ontario Place stage.
18/ The Cameron when Paul or Herb or Anne-Marie were behind the bar.
19/ Under the Michelin Tyre sign like an advertisement for Mendelson Joe when he lived on Ossington.
20/ Round again records on Baldwin, obtaining bootlegs in the 70s, blowing minds back in Winnipeg.

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