City of Wood

After my first two records people complained to me that the major label didn’t promote it. They told me this like I could/ should do something about it but what? Seemed lucky to be taken seriously by the machine that could otherwise be indifferent and corporate machines were the whole game then, distribution was all theirs.
If one were to listen to what became my next record they might notice many musicians credited on it and they might notice it sounds like only solo guitar or solo piano and voice. And one might notice the peculiar names of the guest musicians like Bjorn Mulroney, Gloria Duracell and Blind Loosa Bernstein, might even notice the unknown producer named Dame Julia Nesbelch and a unique chamber group known as the Altona String Quartet. One might just question the whole thing and ask is this bullshit? Are there really all these people on this record? Is this some type of test? Anyway I invoiced the label as usual and they didn’t have any questions either.
Had one cool aspect to my record contact by the way – $3000 in guest performance fees that didn’t have to be paid back from sales.

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