A Few Responses

Message  [re:July 26] You know you really really should tell people you are on that song. You only live once. What don’t you do it?

Me:  It’s just a little surreal and even if I did what would it mean? The “cuteness” of it is the same if it’s alone in my head or if I tell a stranger. In fact it would probably be weirder if I tell a stranger.


Message: [re:July 24] Did you fix the computer? Do you need help?

Me: Yes I did it, easy peasy.


Message: [re: July] 24 hours from Tulsa is a great song, why are you such an idiot?

Me: It’s my blog. Get our own idiot blog.


Message: [July 23] Did you know Jim was into mystical Islam also?

Me: Yes I heard Sufism. Not surprising someone who imparted a spiritual awakening to so many was into a spiritual method.


Message: I’m curious what has led to your posting so frequently and candidly (and entertainingly)

Me: I’ve been writing a few years on my website but in June I started pasting it to Facebook. That’s the main thing new.


Message [re: July 17] Are you into Sri Chinmoy? Did you study him? Why did you write about him?

Me: I was writing about musicians who were uncomfortable with the situation of how Sri Chinmoy played music before a large audience. I was more interested in their response and hostility. No I never studied Sri Chinmoy.


Message [re: July 12] Your Italy touring diary is great stuff Bob. Is this a tour right now or years ago?

Me: It’s about touring there in 2010.


Message: [re: July 9th] I’ll never ask you about Blue Rodeo don’t worry.

Me: I’m not worried. I was simply pointing out the common weird “tone” people adopt when asking me about it, wasn’t looking for counselling.


Message: [July 8] Are there any simulation plug-ins you like?

Me: Yes quite a lot. It’s overwhelming at this point and Leslie simulation has become amazing.

Message: [re: July 1] How does this equate when you have spent 40 years researching and writing a libretto and an opera, pay all the performers (orchestra and singers and conductor with a contract they says that the purpose of the gig is to generate a CD) the going rate, pay the CD company its 16k and some of the performers STILL want a cut? I say, when I turn a profit AFTER the $40k I’ve invested (which doesn’t include ANYTHING for my years of work, btw) we’ll talk!!!!!

Me: It doesn’t equate with that.

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