[re: July 30] Respecting the audience is something one does through humility and you obviously don’t have any of it if you write posts like this.

[re: July 31] When music critics chime in on your posts do you feel small? They have way many more facts. Shouldn’t you thank them for the extra effort?

[re: July 31] Why are you writing all this great shit?

[re:July 31] Are you writing a book or what?

[re: Aug 1] Oh, man, I am sure digging your musings you post on FB… re the unintelligible lyrics when forgetting words to songs onstage, there’s one guy I sometimes back up who sings in Roma (he calls it that, “I’m singing in Gypsy Roma language”, but I think Roma is the name for the people, and Romani or Romany the language), and also in English… A lot of the songs in English I find hard to hear or I’m not sure he’s singing the correct words, he sort of slurs his words or stretches them out in a melismatic sort of way where it’s really hard to tell what he’s saying in song! I always notice he does this. I guess it’s his “sound” or “style” or something. Anyhow, didn’t want to mention it in a public comment but felt like sharing it a bit… keep on keeping on there, Bob…

[re: aug1] You are a shit writer, no offence.

[re: Aug 2]  I love your list of musical discoveries. I share at least 70% of them but I don’t like saying such things in full view, lest I appear to be sycophantic. I’ve also been enjoying and/or terrified by your musings lately. Keep it up. It’s providing me with therapy.

[re: Aug 7] Are you writing a book?

[re: Aug 8] I want your book.

[Aug 16] I so much like your Facebook postings recently! Are you writing a book? These postings deserve a wider audience. Newspaper column? Post on a active website/blog? Insightful and interesting and you should try to have them read by a wider audience.

[re: Aug 20] People offer physical tips about preparing a piano when you’re only writing about your improvisational inner life. You should write about that.

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