My daughter turned on her miniature radio during dinner and landed on a station playing Latin music. She started translating the lyrics suggesting it was about a girl who should be allowed to watch more tv. Fortunately I also don’t speak Spanish so I had the authority to explain it was actually about a girl who needs to stop eating ketchup on everything and who’s father knows it’s bedtime now.
My mind later wandered to the horn sections in this style and then I thought about the Earth Wind and Fire horn sections that distinguish themselves for firecracker bursts that I can’t figure out how to imitate, so smart and useful and original. Then I had a eureka moment that it’s not a big leap between the embellishing shapes in Latin music to the EW&F structures. I should listen more to Latin music then try my luck again because I make long pads that are boring and horrible. Sound like a guy playing sampled sounds through a keyboard (quelle surprise).
All I want is to not recognize myself when I hear things back.

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