taking direction

When someone hires me to play on their music, try my best, follow my instincts and check whether they feel it hit the mark. If they’re happy, end of story. If they’re not try to help get what they want and if they aren’t very articulate it’s up to me to try 10 million variations. Finding a version that makes them jump up and down and hopefully say “perfect”. Then I feel like a pro.
This stems from the first times people hired me to play on their stuff and I threw a hissy fit when they weren’t satisfied. Mostly an internal hissy fit but still emotional. The fact that they didn’t “get it” that what I did was perfect and they rejected it for something lesser, didn’t compute. Now it stuns me that I was certain my choices were the best decisions for someone else’s taste because it’s their baby not mine. So many layers of wrong about my attitude.
I never hire anyone that’s that out of touch with reality or at least never a second time.

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